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    Doesn't Search SWF and Magnify Tool doesn't work

      I got the PDF to SWF thing down pat in Flashpaper. But It doesn't search the text. YES, the text is selectable, so why can't it search the text of my swf. Also the Maginfying tool doesn't work in flashpaper.

      I'm going to test a couple different things first such as messing with the PDF in Acrobat Pro first to see if I need to do something there in order to make the search function work.

      I did notice there are barely any replies to this forum, but GEE-WIZ guys somebody should answer some of these questions if you know the answer.
      Yes some people are vague, and others are so new to this world, they shouldn't be doing web design at all and asking questions on a board. anyhow. please help.

      If I find the answer I'll post it here.

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          swf_newguy Level 1
          Okay - I am a moron.
          In my haste, I didn't even realize that the Tool I was referring to as the Magnifying Glass is the Search Button.
          Sorry for being stupid for 5 minutes.
          I looked at something similar from nxtbook and got confused.

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          About my other problem with the text not being searchable but still being selectable...
          I have found a few other Flashpaper 'docs' on our parent company's website.
          Their text does come up in a search box.

          So what gives?
          I looked in Acrobat Pro to see if I missed anything.
          I'm going to check Flashpaper print options again.
          nope nothing different.
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            I have the same problem with the search. I work in marketing and just started here back in September. When I started they were creating a new catalog to post to the web. The OLD catalog was created in powerpoint, yes, horrible for catalogs. HOWEVER, I can select text and search. The NEW catalog was made using Indesign CS2. The text is not selectable and I cannot figure out what caused this because it will in turn not let me select text or search. Anyone have any ideas? It IS searchable and selectable in PDF format, and yes I am converting to FP directly from indesign and not from pdf.
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              preston thomas
              I have been using the API for flashpaper for some time now. I have converted hundreds of pdf files on mac and PC. I find the problem with the text is 1. the font is not installed 2. flashpaper only supports ansi encoded fonts in the pdf 3. printing from a mac solves many of the text issues. 4. sometimes the pdf was created on a mac with a screen font and the flashpaper printer cannot convert it. If the text is selectable but not searchable its because of the font encoding (try copy paste the text to notepad to see what I mean) if the text is not even selectable then the font couldn't even be encoded and was converted to paths. Often rebuilding the pdf by opening it in illustrator or acrobat pro helped replace fonts.
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                I went back and checked out the Indesign file. Apparently whoever made the catalog grouped alot of the text boxes. After I ungrouped these I exported to PDF and opened it up to do a check. Everything was searchable. There was something I toyed with in Indesign referring to subfonts. However, when I convert it to an swf using flashpaper it loses some of the searchable text. I got an idea and printed to FP but instead of choosing FP once the window came up I selected PDF. It is doing the same thing in the same spots. Everything is selectable right now in the PDF I printed from Indesign, I can even copy and paste the text perfectly into word. There are no settings for FP so I am lost as to what to do from here. I am using Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro, Indesign CS2 and FP 2

                Any ideas?