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    How can you tell which colour profile a jpg is stored in

    Colin Cadle

      If I export a jpg from a tiff file within Lightroom as an sRGB and then another form say a dng file in Adobe 1998 how can I tell at a later stage which colour profile those jogs were stored in?

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          If you're reimported the JPEGs back into your catalog, there are  several not-so-elegant ways of discovering the embedded color profile:


          - You can create smart collections to search for known profiles, e.g. using the criterion "Source Color Profile contains words srgb" and "Source Color Profile contains words "adobe rgb 1998".  (It's just sloppy development that the Lightroom team added source color profile to smart collections in LR 5 but didn't enable the profile to be displayed in the metadata panel or accessed by plugins.)


          - The ExifMeta plugin lets you display and search for color profiles.


          - The Metadata Viewer lets you display (but not search) for color profiles.


          Please add your vote and opinion to this topic in the official Adobe feedback forum: Lightroom: Add Embedded Colour Profile to metadata display.