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    movie clip rotation - mysterious behavior

    SPGAnne Level 1
      OK, I give up on this one. I have a movie clip (holderClip) that contains another movie clip (myRectangle). The holderClip's timeline has a somewhat complicated rotation animation of the myRectangle using motion tweens. I put holderClip on the main timeline and have a button that starts the animation. This works just fine, looks great. Here's where the mystery starts. I then have some action script where I manipulate the holderClip.myRectangle._rotation property and set it to a bunch of different values. That also works just fine too. BUT when I try to play the animation again using the tweens stuff in the holderClip's timeline - nothing happens. The myRectangle._rotation seems to be stuck on the last thing I had set it to in actionscript. I tried resetting the ._rotation to null, to undefined and to 0 before starting the animation playing again. Nothing works. Am I doing something really dumb here?

      Thanks in advance for any help you gurus can provide.