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    Moved Lightroom catalog - photos not found (I've updated the folder location/found missing folders, but still no photos)




      I would be very grateful for any help in this matter.


      I stored my Lightroom catalog (using Lightroom 5.7) on my laptop (since it had an SSD disk) and all the raw files on an external usb drive. It worked fine.


      I recently bought a new computer for editing photos. I simply connected the external USD to the new computer and copied the catalog file from the laptop to the internal SSD of the new computer. I then proceeded to open the catalog file in Lightroom, and as expected, I had "?" in the folders panel. I updated the location of the root folder and then clicked on used Find missing folders on all the subfolders (marked with "?"). What I did not expect was that the "?" is now gone, but that folder shows not that is is empty in Lightroom (No photos in selected folder). This is defintely not true, all the photos are in their "former" place (not counting the fact that the external hard drive has moved to another computer - I can even open the explorer from inside Lightroom and that very folder is selected.

      Can anyone please help me?

      Thank you very much