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    ACR to PSE11 .. image appearance changes.  Help!


      I run Windows 8.1 x64 bit and use PSE11 which opens raw files automatically into ACR.  Once finished editing in ACR, a click on 'Open' transfers the part edited file to PSE11 Editor.  Once there I usually perform a few tweaks before cropping, sharpening and saving.


      At about the same time as I installed PSE11 onto my new PC (this one) I was very aware of the change in the appearance of my images as they were transferred from ACR to PSE11 Editor.  Having got things to my taste and liking in ACR, the image would then open in PSE11 Editor looking rather washed out by comparison .. less contrast, maybe too much brightness and a certain degree of reduced saturation.


      Obviously all images are seen on a common monitor, so any fingers pointing at calibration issues don't count in this instance!  I just need to know if there is a fix I can utilise that will return me to the situation I've always had before, where the ACR image looks the same as the PSE11 Editor image.  After all, I've been using PSE in various guises for a number of years and this is the first and only time that I've had this problem.