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    Unable to reinstall CS6 (no dmg) after QT32 Server error


      I had a working version of Premiere Pro CS6. I was using it to cut just fine, and then one day, upon successfully loading a project, whenever I clicked on a video file in a bin to load into the source monitor, the application would freeze and my Mac's Activity Monitor would reveal that the Adobe Q32 Server has stopped responding. I read up on this in the forums and found confusing instructions for deleting scripts related to the QT32 server. I did so (making a copy just in case it was the wrong script), and it turns out it was the wrong script and so then the application would quit before even opening. I uninstalled it and don't have the dmg to reinstall it so I'm stuck as a paying customer without a way to get software I bought back. Can someone help a) to get it back and b) help me prepare for when this QT32 server error happens again?