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    Prevent Printing of web-based .pdf files in Adobe Acrobat X Pro




      Could I get brief answers to the following three questions...


      Question 1:

      Do the prevent printing advanced options in Adobe Acrobat Pro X work reliably across all main browsers, such that I can safely display the .pdf files on a website, knowing that the majority of users (Chrome, Firefox. IE), will not be able to print the files, even if they save them to their local disk?


      Question 2:

      Can I go further than that and actually prevent the local saving of the .pdf files altogether?


      Question 3:

      Assuming one or both of the answers is Yes, which is what I am hoping for, will security measures prevent Google reading and indexing the files.

      Actually, I want this also to be a yes. It is only the downloading and printing of the files I hope to prevent, restricting those actions to people who purchase the documents.


      Many thanks in advance for your help.