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    How to display multiple categories of webapp items in list view? Changing listbox list to checkbox list to select category in submission process?





      I am trying to get my page to list webapp items that are part of a few categories. I understand that if i want to view only one category, I just need to do the normal process of choosing that category and placing it out. So my question is: How do I display multiple categories of items in a webapp in a single page. I've tried this

      {module_webapps,WEBAPP_ID,c,CATEGORY_ID1,,,,10,,1} {module_webapps,WEBAPP_ID,c,CATEGORY_ID2,,,,10,,1}

      This only displays the everything from the first category, then everything from the next, which will not make it in order of date.


      I've also tried this for fun:


      How can I go about doing it?



      I am looking to allow users to input a webapp item and allow them to select a category to tie to that item.

      <label for="CAT_Category">Category (You may select more than 1)<span class="req">*</span></label>

          <select name="CAT_Category" id="CAT_Category" class="cat_listbox" rows="4" multiple="multiple" style="height: 60px;">

          <option value="CATEGORY_ID1">--- Option 1</option>

          <option value="CATEGORY_ID2">--- Option 2</option>


      Is it possible for me to change the listbox style into a checkbox style such that the user doesn't have to control+click multiple options?