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    Moving a CS6 Project


      I really hope that someone can help me. Ive been struggling with the following problem for some days now and I leave in a week for our trip. My problem is as follows:


      Ive been using premiere pro CS6 for a few years now (since it first came out). I use it to edit the seasons snowboarding clips and create movies from there. When I get back from a trip (lets say a week with the lads) I go to my desktop PC and start going through all the gopro videos in premiere pro and creating multiple sub-clips from each video that I then add descriptions to and save them in their own bin. This takes absolutely ages and is quite tedious. Once done, all clips are organised and ready for me to start putting together an edit.


      However, this year I have a brand new laptop to take away with me and would like to install premiere pro on it so that I can start the "sub-clip creation process" when im out in the mountains during my down-time. The goal being that when i get back ill just import the project onto my desktop and I can get straight on with the edit.


      I have been trying it out and can easily move the project over and all the clips are linked and the descriptions etc all come up on the desktop. The problem is that the sub-clips that I have created are not correct. When you view them in the source monitor after opening the project on the desktop the sub clip duration, description and everything is there but the actual clip is just a few seconds of the start of the master clip that the original sub-clip was pulled from.


      Im tearing my hair out and have tried everything i know. I would be eternally grateful if someone could help me.


      Incidentally i tried to use prelude but it is very fiddly and not easy to create multiple sub-clips from one video file (the laptop isnt anywhere near as good spec as my desktop). Also, the footage is 1080p @60 & 120 FPS and prelude seems to want to encode it but i just want the sub clips created to that i can play with them in premiere pro.