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    Import timestamp issue


      Hi, I have an issue importing photos from a CF card.

      I have previously imported the photos from this card, added some more and imported again.  That all worked fine (at that stage.)


      Now, some months later I have inserted the card again just to make sure I've got everything into Lightroom (5.7 BTW).

      I have the Don't Import Duplicates on, and are importing to the same structure etc.


      All of the older Photos come up again for import! They are in the Catalogue however.

      I selected one only and imported it - and end up with two Identical Photos as you would expect, only the name changed -2.


      If I hover the mouse over the photo when they first appear - the TIMESTAMP shows a time 2 hours early! And I'm guessing this is the cause of it wanting to import again.

      HOWEVER, if I leave it a while, and then hover over it again, the correct timestamp how shows.


      It is like the matching process has failed with the first timestamp it's showing, and then there is no way to get lightroom to recheck and discover that the photo is already present.


      I suspect that this has happened to me previously as I've discovered quite a few duplicates that I've noticed but into investigated previously.




      Files after Importing into Lightroom.



      From the Card.  I don't know why the 9:22 time is present.


      And when you hover over the photo in the early stage of import process the time stamp shows 8:22


      A really confused user.


      Windows 7, 64bit.

      Lightroom 5.7

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          I have seen similar things happen when you and the files are sitting on opposite sides of a Daylight Saving shift.  The EXIF data in the files is still proper, but the file info shown in the OS directory gets compensated for in the time shift.  I wrote it off as a Windows oddity.


          I can see where this could confuse things in the import dialog for determining duplicates.

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            lbabbey Level 1

            This would match my case as well.

            The Photos in question were taken some three months ago (and in a different timezone to where I am now) and we have transitioned to Daylight Saving time as well.


            So, what's the fix,  any suggestions?

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              ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

              I don't think there really is a fix.


              That said, I never start shooting with a partially used cards. After the images are transferred to the computer, the cards get formatted and the counter reset back to 1.  When I import the images into Lightroom, it is always whole directories at a time.