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    Setting up NAS for home & internet photo editing


      I've been reading here and everywhere but am still confused.  My family does a lot of photography (we use Lightroom primarily, but my daughter is taking a Photoshop class next semester.  My wife is using iPhoto still) and we can no longer store all of our files on individual MacBook Pro HDs, so I'm thinking NAS.  I want to have all of our photos in one location and work on them at home an when away.


      I have Comcast/Xfinity modem/router (ARRIS model TC862G/CT) with a 2TB Time Capsule (model A1409).

      My Time Capsule is running version 7.5.2 and its Router Mode set to Off (Bridge Mode).

      We have 4 MacBook Pros in the house - all running 10.9 or 10.10.


      If you have suggestions for a NAS ( I'm currently thinking Synology DS415+ which I'd like to fill with WD 4TB Reds) and specifics for setting this up - I would appreciate it more than I can say.


      Thanks very much for taking your time to help me.