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    DVD burning: "data rate too high"


      While trying to burn a DVD I get the following error message: The data rate of this file is too high for DVD. You must replace the file with one of a lower data rate." This is perplexing because the video is just 11 minutes long, and has no audio. It's 151 to 704 MB (depending on where I set the quality slider), and the bitrate is 8 Mbps. I've tried burning to DVD R 16x, a DVD-R, and discs. I am using Premiere Elements 13 on a PC. Thanks.

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          What Windows computer operating system (including 32 or 64 bit) is your Premiere Elements 13 running on? What video card/graphics card does your computer use?


          Interesting report. I have not seen that Data Rate error message in a long time. The typical fix is to remove the check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space" so that you can move the Quality slider to a low enough bitrate which allow you to continue.


          1. What is the burn dialog Quality area reading for Space Required and Bitrate when you have the DVD disc in the drive tray and you have a check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space"? Are you saying 151 MB for Space Required and 8.00 Mbps for Bitrate?


          2. Also, please go to Edit Menu/Preferences/General and explore the problem with and without the option disabled for the Intel HD Graphics 2000 or Higher.


          We will be watching for your results.


          Thank you.



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            Hi, A.T.! (I'm trying not to start a new thread for a problem you've seen before.)


            I have a new editing computer as of the first of the year. I bought PE13, and have been edited several projects with it, mainly for YouTube.

            However, over the weekend, I edited a project that was only 1 hour 17 minutes long. Source material is Canon's MTS file, 1440x1080 pixels, with stereo audio. Editing mode is HDV 1080i.


            Very simple job - the video track is completely "naked" - no transitions, no effects, just the 5 clips of various links in the sequence they were shot, straight out of the camcorder. I added a couple of notch filters to each clip to reduce wind noise in the audio. (I have also tried exporting the audio track, then re-importing so that the notch filters are "out of the equation" regarding rendering.)


            I added three scene markers, so the client could easily find certain moments in the video. Then, added the Extreme Sports DVD menu.


            That's all.

            When I try to burn the project to DVD, it encodes fine (takes about 26 minutes), then a few minutes into the "burn" process, it stops and tells me the same error message as above, "The data rate of this file is too high for DVD. You must replace the file with one of a lower data rate." This always happens when I have the box ticked that says "Fit Contents to available space". If I uncheck that box, and pull the data rate down to around 6Mbps, it will burn. At least it will on this particular project...

            A major concern is this: I have several upcoming projects that will approach or exceed 2 hours in length. I want PE13 to fit as much video as possible on the DVDs, at the best quality (highest data rate) possilbe, and I can't afford the time it will take for the trial-and-error phase to find where to adjust the data rate slider to fit each project onto a 4.7 Gb DVD, when it takes two hours or so to render, encode, and burn each DVD, only to fail at the end with that generic error message, "The data rate of this file is too high..."


            Another concern: Your advice to turn off the hardware acceleration - I have a great Zotac /NVidea Geforce GTX 750 Ti. I want to use it to speed up this video work! Must that be done to solve the "data rate too high" bug?

            Your advice will be appreciated.

            Computer: Windows 7 Home Premium SP-1, 64-bit (running from an SDD). Intel i7-4770 processor @3.4Ghz. 8 Gb RAM. Over 400 Gb available on project HD.


            UPDATE for additional info: I have not had prior success burning DVDs from PE13 on my current machine. ( I believe that this is the first DVD I've burned from PE13 on the "new" computer.) Also, the footage type is not new. I have been using my Canon camcorder for several years. It's a Vixia HF-S100. Just trying to imagine what other questions you might ask! I used PE10 on my previous machine. PE10 will not work on my new machine, due to the conflict with the GTX 750 Ti, where white screens appear instead of video on the clip monitor or editing monitor display. (Let's tackle that problem another day - I would really like to be able to use PE10 on some projects, but was unable to find a solution in the PE forum.)

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              Thanks for the post and the information. Lots to share with your on the matters that you asked about.


              Premiere Elements 10 will not work on your computer with the NVIVIA GeForce 750 Ti. The following does not apply to you

              ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE10: NVIDIA Video Card Driver Roll Back

              since there does not appear to be an old enough NVIDIA driver version for your computer. Please see


              Oldest on that list after I plugged in your information is only February 2014. Classically you need about May 2013.

              This issue is specific for Premiere Elements 10 and NVIDIA GeForce video card/graphics card. Do you have another computer that does not use a NVIDIA GeForce card? If so, 10 should work on that. Just wanted to get this out of the way for now.


              Premiere Elements 13 and this Data Rate Error Message.


              1. Have you updated 13 to 13.1 yet using an opened project's Help Menu/Updates. If not, please do so.


              2. For troubleshooting purposes only at this time, rule in or out problem related to that preference Intel HD Graphics 2000 and Higher enabled/disabled. That one has been causing recent problems where exports are not showing up at the designated save locations. But, no Data Rate Error messages yet.


              3. Just in case note...the DVD disc 4.7 GB/120 min is in reality 4.38 GB....the DVD disc 8.5 GB/240 min is in reality 7.95 GB. What are your Space Required and Bitrate readings with DVD disc in the burner tray and just before you hit the Burn button of the burn dialog? Please give these readings with and without the check mark next to "Fit Content To Available Space"?


              4. Have you had time to do a test where you do the burn to with and without menu markers and Movie Menu theme? Tomorrow morning I will take a look at Premiere Elements 13/13.1 Extreme Sports Movie Menu theme. There have been some serious flaws in some of those Movie Menus themes which are presenting with unusual symptoms. In view of this situation, I would like to rule out any Movie Menu theme involvement as soon as possible.


              I will be watching for your information. Let us see what we can put together to explain your Data Rate Error message and prevent its re-occurrence.