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    Three  (maybe) basic questions: Alternative design / Renditions and inserting Edge content

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      I am starting to experiment the creation of epub3 books/magazines with inDesign CC 2014. I am a bit lost in some things. If they're basic stuff, please, bear with me:


      1. Does InDesign epub3 design and exporting admit some kind of alternative orientation design? I mean: the landscape / portrait automatic change of design via CSS. I know html does have this capability but, being the format itself a fixed-lay-out thing and InDesign abilities...?


      2. More or less then same of the previous question. If the epub3 is a fixed-layout, how do I set my design with alternative page sizes? I mean some alternative designs like if I were working for Adobe DPS.


      3. I can prepare basic HTML animations with Adobe Edge. I insert them in InDesign... like an .oam file? Inside an HTML content frame? Just a clue would serve me, please


      Thanks a lot in advance, from Madrid