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    Missing Wraptor DCP Format for Export

    Heath Vinyard

      Good morning.

      I have a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit and a new install of Premiere Pro CC 2014 8.1.0 (81) Build.  When opening a previous project from Premiere Pro CC I do not have the Wraptor DCP format for exporting.  If I create a new project and sequence and dump a video file on the timeline and try and export it's still not there.  I checked the plug-ins/common folder and I do have the Wraptor.prm file in there.   I've searched and searched the web and have not seen an issue like this before. I did see something from Oct about it not being supported yet, but I have a second Windows machine (Windows 7 64bit) that I installed PPro on and it's there.  I should note that in Encore (build I'm missing the Cinema System Preset with Wraptor DCP too.  Is there a prerequisite for getting the DCP option that I missed?  I don't remember doing anything special on the other machine for it.  Also, to note, I have uninstalled both and reinstalled to make sure it wasn't a botched install.


      Anyone have any ideas?