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    How do I print colours that I have created? - InDesign




      I have created a small text document that I wish to make navy blue. I duplicated one of the preset colours and edited the CMYK value until it was what I wanted, however, when I come to print it out it is no longer the navy blue that I have selected but instead changed to black. Any one the default colours seem to print out fine. I have tried 4 different printers, 2 work based printed that are only a couple of years old so I am guessing it is an issue with the colour settings in my document rather than the printer?


      I notice that I am getting this advisory message when exporting to PDF: "1) The preset specifies source profiles that don't match the current colour settings file. Profiles specified by the colour settings file will be used."


      I don't understand what this means or why my document is not printing in the colour that appears on screen, can anyone help?


      Thanks in advance.