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    Adobe Digital Editions(Win7)  looses my ebooks.

    ChristianGeorg Level 1

      Here's what happens:

      • Installation of Adne´be Digital Editions 4.0.2 (German)  , Registered witrh my Adonbe ID
      • Download an ebook with my Adonbe ID ==> ebook does not appear in ADE.
      • Downloaded one of the free ebooks from Adobe == ebook appearesin ADE
      • Quit ADE (no error message)
      • Restart ADE ==> no kontent at all
      • The directory my Digital Editions exists and has the ebools stored.
      • When I try to add to Library (CTRL-O) the system says "document already exists in library"


      Any idea what goeswrongand how tofix it?


      Help is much appreciated

      Christian Georg