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    Video track/layer missing on QUICKTIME export - not missing if I use H.264 export?!


      Having a strange issue with Premier Pro CS5.04.  I'm exporting a video - 2 layers of MP4 video and one TITLE layer over the top.  The top video layer is a cropped and blurred section of the same file as the clip below, to obscure some text on the video.  When I export as an H.264 mp4 file it all exports fine - all layers intact and the blurring looks fine. 


      However, when i change to a QUICKTIME Pro Res 720 codec, the export does not include the blurred video layer - the settings on the timeline are identical, no opacity changes etc, and if I move the clips around to different video tracks the same issue occurs.  Any idea why it would ignore the top video clip in a quicktime export?! Seems bizarre.


      I'd love to include a screen grab but the uploader isn't working on this window. Useful.