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    Cursor keys do not properly change to next/previous image


      Since a few days, one of my two Lightroom-computers shows a permanent, quite annoying bug, regarding the curser left/right key:


      It happens in loupe view:

      When I press the cursor-right key, Lightroom doesn't change to the next image

      Instead, it doesn't stop changing to the next image before it reaches the end of the folder .

      Correspondingly with cursor-left, which takes me always to the first image in of the folder...


      Browsing in loupe view is nearly impossible, just the mousewheel still allows to change to the next/previous image.


      This happens for all sets, catalogues, folders, etc. If I have selection, then it takes me to the first/last image of the selection, nothing in between possible.


      Any advice, what went wrong with my system? Everything was smooth a few weeks ago, and everything works fine on my other computer, which should just behave the same...


      Thanks for any hints!