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    Had an issue after updating to Revision 5.7 with importing photos


      I have had LR5 since its release on a PC with windows 7 Pro.  I have not had any issues until last week.  I came back from a job and went to import in LR as always.  LR showed me that I had an update to do, so I updated to 5.7.  I then imported 3 cards into 2 different folders with Names pertaining to the subject.  I always import to an external drive and work from that.  Once having done that.  I started to work on the pics.  The only pics I found were the last card imported, but there were no folders showing where they were.  They were in space (in the catalog) under all photos, because I found them.  My question is how do I get them back into the folders so I can find them and continue my workflow?  Has anyone else had this issue after updating to LR5.7 revision?