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    Can't import CR2 Files


      Hi - I just started working with RAW files on my Canon Rebel and am having a hard time importing to Lightroom 5. I did go to preferences and check the box to treat RAW as separate photos. I imported several photos from iPhoto and both the JPG and RAW files appeared (actually that was a hassle because most of the CR2's weren't checked so I had to find them and some of the JPG's appeared twice). After I completed my editing I went back to my original pics in iPhoto and wanted to import a few more. I tried to drag the jpg and cr2 file into Lightroom and 2 photos import but they are both jpg - one is 545 JPG and the other is 545-2 JPG. I can't get the CR2 to import which is what I really want. Does anyone have any ideas?


      Thanks so much!