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    Titling issues - pixelated and poor quality




      I have been working on a project and finally finished.  Exported it and the quality is terrible.  I have determined it has something to do with the titling that I have in the video.  As when I put a title into its own sequence it has the same problem. Or if I just do the video it is just fine.   So for the purposes of figuring it out, I am working on a single title 5 seconds long, and been exporting.  So far I can't figure it out.  I have traditionally used still titles without movement....and dslr video.  This has always exported fine for me.  But now that I am trying to add a little motion in the title, it has caused me a lot of grief.


      Here is what I am trying to do with the title

      - Still Title that just says 'Black and White' with black background and white lettering.  Simple...

      - I have adjusted the keyframes under the scaling so that the title appears to be coming at you.  Small to Big (also tried the zoom effect, but didn't work either)

      - Have added the Fast Blur In effect - so that the words ' Black and White' are blurred and then come into focus using keyframes.


      Here is a image of kind of what it looks like.


      Sequence 05.Still001.jpg


      Thats it.  I have been very frustrated with this and would appreciate any help possible.  My sequence is DSLR 1080p 30fps preset.

      Thanks in advance.