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    Resolve Broken Links with No Reference

      I have many broken links in a webhelp project that I cannot resolve because there is no reference. Is there a way to delete broken links?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          If you double click one of the broken links it should open a dialog that allows you to edit the topic with the link. Is that not happening?

          If it is just that you cannot see a link in WYSIWYG, search in true code view. I have seen links that are damaged so they don't appear in WYSIWYG but do have the information that is driving the broken link report.

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            Hi, I have a similar problem and cannot seem to get rid of a bunch of broken links.

            Basically at some point this project file had an html subfolder that was taken out. Consequently many topics had html\<topicname>.htm and then became <topicname>.htm.

            My problem is now that these files with the html\ folder are under broken links and now don't reference or link to anything if I right-click on them. I cannot restore them, delete them, or edit them in any way.

            I find that it is also creating problems when the WebHelp is generated and put on our server, several topics give a "file not found" error because they are searching for html\ in the filename and of course cannot find it. I have fixed these by searching and getting rid of any reference to \html in the topic files, but a few still don't link properly. Even after creating a new table of contents and re-linking all topics and images it does the same, AND has these broken links still listed.

            Any ideas? I realize this may be several problems. I think someone in the past deleted the html folder outside of RoboHelp and it messed everything up. We are taking about a Help file with over 700 topics, so it is a real beast to work with.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              So the topics that were in the html folder are still in the project but in a different location?

              If so you could use a multi file find and replace tool such as FAR from http://www.helpware.net or BKReplaceEm. Locate one reference in a topic and then use the tool to amend the path in all topics.

              Create a backup of your project first. Important.

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                jbasart Level 1
                Thanks for the advice, when I get the time I'll try it out :)