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    Actionscript movie clip advice

    brimbo69 Level 1
      After reading what wrote in the last post, needed to re-write my problem as was unclear.

      Basically I have a set number of movie clips with self contained btns, once each clip has played the timeline advances to the next scene where more clips with the same functions lie. I have some script which works fine but wont work again on the following scene. The code is below and all movie clips, buttons and frame labels have been adjusted for the two different scenes. However think something needs changing in the second code to perhaps point at the root timeline of the 2nd scene. The code is as follows:

      >mc1.btn1.onPress = function() {
      >if (!this.played) {
      >this.played = true;
      >if (_root.movieStarted == 7) {
      >this._parent.onEnterFrame = function() {
      >if (mc1._currentframe == mc1._totalframes) {
      >delete this.onEnterFrame;

      Please help!!!