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    Page tool prevents use of Print Booklet feature in InDesign CC2014

    susanmoulton Level 1

      Having used the page tool at one time, but with all pages set to the correct size, the print booklet error message is that the booklet doesn't fit the current paper size.


      There have been previous discussions, but I can't find one active. The discussion shows as answered, but not resolved. early 2012 this issue was reported as a bug and it is InDesign CC2014, Build. This is the Cloud and this issue has not been resolved.


      I went so far as to create a new document and take all the objects from one document and copy to the new document and the issue still exists. I created the document originally in InDesign CS6.I copy pasted contents into a clean document in CC2014. This is a valuable document that needs to be edited and used in the future.


      Can someone please respond as to: if this bug that has been reported numerous times in the past, will it ever be fixed? Are we eliminating print booklet at some point so it isn't worth the investment? I don't get it. If there is another discussion open for this, I can't find it. Thanks.