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    folder & collection metadata

    kimaldis Level 1

      I have a basic but functional plugin that allows you to add text notes to sources - collections, publishing services, folders. It's something I've always wanted but never seen anyone else do. I use it to store client information, shoot details, post processing information and rudimentary task lists at the source level. I'm finding it increasingly useful even in this limited form.


      At the moment, when run, it pops up a dialog with a decent sized editable text field containing persistable text attached to the source but I've, more or less, generalised the code to make it possible to add other data types - buttons, checkboxes, dropdwons ...



      The reasons for posting here:


      Is anyone else doing this, am I duplicating effort

      Does anyone else even think it's useful

      To promote discussion; how could this be made more useful, how could it be extended.



      I look forward to hearing thoughts and comments.

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          areohbee Level 6

          There are a few plugins which support notes for sources, esp. folders (e.g. my 'Folder Notes' plugin), but I think there is room for another if you make it very robust (e.g. my Folder Notes plugin does not support collections), and/or very convenient..

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            kimaldis Level 1

            My original solution to this was a bit kludgy so this weekend I sat down and took a proper look at it. It's much simplified and, I think, more convenient.


            It's called from a plugin-extras menu item. The item creates a Markdown note for a source if it doesn't exist and presents it for viewing or editing in whatever Markdown editor is chosen in the plugin prefs.


            Folder notes are stored in the LR folder, other source notes are stored in a folder next to the catalog using the source uid as name. It's not ideal but given the limitiatoins it seemed the easiest way to deal with source renaming issues.


            I've pushed it to a Github repository at GitHub - kimaldis/CrazyNotes Thoughts, etc welcome in Issues.