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    InDesign CS6: "place video from URL" - no dialog box showing

    Tomasz W. Nowak

      Hello everybody,


      I have a weird problem with placing madia into my interactive PDF. I want to place a video from URL. I do everything as I should (as shown here, for example: http://www.lynda.com/Digital-Publishing-Suite-tutorials/Placing-video-from-URL/97963/10732 7-4.html), however nothing happens after clicking the icon in the bottom of the "Media" panel or clicking "place video from URL" in dropdown menu of the panel. No dialog box, no reaction at all. The icon and the menu option are both active and clickable, there is simply no effect of clicking on them.


      Placing video from file works fine.


      At first I thought, that there is something wrong with my CS6 configuration. However, the same thing happens on my computer at work, where I have whole Creative Suite installed. I asked my friend to try to do it on his InDesign and he can't place video from URL as well. So, there are three different installations where InDesign works like this. Coincidence? Rather not.


      Is it a known bug or something? I failed to find the answer. Has anyone had the same problem an found a solution?