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    Question about Authentication

    Emre G.

      I'm new to your DRM environment and I have a simple question about your authetication process:


      In a web site we can buy a book (via DRM) and want to read it by a acsm shortcut XML file and then we can read it our other device by this shortcut file (or devices.. other than my computer environment).

      My question is that; do we have to use the same e-mail address, right? (ie. the address used on buying and the address used for reading on other device must match right?)

      We use the same mail adress, but don't we need to define that those connections are made by us?

      for example email correction by an authorization mail from other device environment?


      What is the reasons if a user can't read the ebook form his other device/s?

      (Also can you make some short definitions to these error headers : "E-LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER" and "E_ADEPT_NO_FULFILLMENT_RESULT")

      Can those error messages made by this wrong authentication processes? (And if a backward period for wrong processes needed, what can we do?)


      I might give some wrong information, If it is, please correct me.

      Thanks for your help.


      Emre G.