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    What's the market saturation of ePub 3 readers?

    matthew stuart Level 2

      What is the market saturation of e-readers able to read fixed layout ePubs in comparison to those that read reflowable ePubs? Obviously the market for fixed layouts is going to be smaller, but is it hugely so? Does anybody know?


      I've got an annual report to produce from an InDesign file that's gone to print, and although there isn't a huge amount of imagery and text overlaying each other, the text is nicely formatted. What I'm trying to weigh up is how basic the layout may be if I have to go with the lesser version of ePub because a majority of the market can't read it. I'm trying to manage my client's expectations of quality for the look and feel of the final thing. They want it to work mainly on Kindle!


      Thanks in advance.