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    Using browser scrollbars

    ykessler Level 1
      I cannot seem to get a browser (in this case IE 7) to show scrollbars for any Flex application. While I know how to use Flex scrollbars, they do not make up for browser scrolling, especially considering the flex scrollbars themselves have a tendency to get clipped out of a browser window. Is there a solution for this, or does using Flex automatically preclude a browser's ability to scroll.

      I noticed that on sample applications, like the Flex Store, this is an issue as well.

      Any advice would be much appreciated.
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          jcase16 Level 1
          We are having this exact problem. This is a pretty crazy problem. It seems like inner containers are not "pushing" the outer containers out far enough. The only resolution that I can find is to set a bunch of static sizes for containers, but then we lose the flexibility. Any ideas? The scrollbars are ridiculous cause they are constantly getting cut off by the browser or are there when they shouldn't be. Is there a better way for apps with multiple layers that are larger than the normal height of a screen?