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    UI is very sluggish with MXF clips and dropped frames

    RobSher1 Level 1

      The PR UI will intermittently get very sluggish on a documentary we've been working on for about 5 months and we've been plagued by the MXF dropped frames issue. The slow UI started back in the middle of October and we upgraded from 8.0.1 to 8.1, that converted the project, to try and resolve the issue, but only made it worse.

      The CTI will paint very slowly, playback start is delayed by 3-8 seconds and the windows header will display "not responding".


      The sequence contains a mix of old DV, XF305 and 5d Mark III footage. The DV footage and sequence are 720 x 480 (0.9091) and 29.97. The MXF and 5d footage is 23.976.

      I've worked a couple of support calls for these issues and ended up removing all Adobe products and reinstalling. I've been following similar posts for C300 dropped frame issues and may have found a possible work around and information that might be relevant.


      I was trying to get some work done on the project this weekend and it became unusable again because of the sluggish UI. I decided to copy the sequence onto a USB disk, using File -> Project Manager, so I could try it on our Macbook Pro to see if it behaved any differently. I opened the project on the Mac and link media -> locate showed that some of the MXF footage, that was all originally imported as MXF through the Media Browser, couldn't be located. I went back to my Windows 7 system and had the same issue. It was asking for specific clips, as if the media had been imported as individual clips, so I couldn't relink the media pointing to the CONTENTS folder. I remembered a suggestion from one of Kevin's posts saying that you could use the Canon XF Utility and export Virtual Media to one clip. I abandoned trying to get it to run on the Mac and created one file for each MXF container on the PC, renamed the original media folders and was then able to relink all the MXF media.


      I was able to work about 8 hours yesterday without any problems and haven't seen the UI slow down or any dropped frames. I'm going to edit all day today, try an export and will update this post with my findings tonight.


      Adobe Premiere CC 2014 8.1.0 (81) Build

      Windows 7 Pro SP1, latest updates

      Intel Core i7-920 CPU

      48GB RAM

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 - Driver

      LSI 9286CV-8e with a RAID 6 and RAID 0 for media and cache