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    Indesign Performance


      I am using ID CC on a new Macbook is 10.9.5.


      The performance is terrible. Every 30 seconds it hangs/pauses to think about things, and I get the spinning beach ball.


      I have tried clearing font caches, trashing preferences, adjusting display performance, turning off thumbnail previews, turning off auto pre-flight, and half a dozen other suggestions I have seen online. Nothing works.


      PLEASE... does anyone have a solution to this annoyance? I cannot get my work done.


      Thanks in advance....

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          With 10.9.5, i.e. Maverick, it's not really "new" anymore (released June 2013).

          There are known problems with cache paths and user permissions. Try changing the paths in the settings that ID uses to store temporary data.

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            chuckd Level 1

            Thanks Doc I will try that.


            By "new" I meant "my Mac is new... just got it a couple weeks ago."

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              chuckd Level 1

              Thanks again Doc... I tried this and at first it seemed to work. But then the problem returned later in the day. I hope some at Adobe is working on this...


              Appreciate the idea however

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                Doc Maik Level 4

                Yes, could also be a problem of CC. This is dark side of always having the newest version installed.

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                  chuckd Level 1

                  Adobe Customer Care thinks the issue may be related to old vs new files. Old files opened in the newer version may have issues. They recommend saving the old files ans IDML and then reopening in the new version of InDesign. That *seems* to be working... I've had a few instance where I'm not totally sure if it's cured, but it's definitely improved things a lot. I also still have all of the other changes in effect, including your advice to change the temporary file storage. So I don't know what is the real fix, or if it's a combo of all things. But it's better. Thanks for the advice!