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    How do i have a cell calculate only if a check box is NOT clicked (using it if someone is tax exempt)?


      This is my current code:


      (function () {

      // Get the field value, as a number
      var val1 = +getField("TotalPretaxCost").value;
      var val2 = +getField("Dropdown93").value;

      // Calculate result
      var result = val1 * val2;

      // Set this value by rounding to the nearest cent
      event.value = util.printf("%.2f", result);


      It gives me my tax amount based on a tax rate. I have now added a tax exempt check box if the customer is tax exempt. What I would like to do is add to this code so if the check box (called Tax Exempt) returns positive then the tax amount calculates as zero. Is this possible? I am not a programmer so I had someone write this piece out for me but I will not be able to get in contact with that person again for awhile so I am trying to solve this here instead. Thanks a ton!