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    have Lightroom 5 but Catalogue is in Lightroom 4. How can I move it  to Lightroom 5?

    glide 23

      A year ago I bought Lightroom 5. For some reason I didn't immediately change my catalog to Lightroom 5 and it continues in LR 4. I have several questions which might be related.

      1. How can I bring it into LR 5?

      2. Why am I constantly getting reminders to upgrade my LR 5 from version 5.2 to 5.7 but, when I try to download, nothing happens?

      3. I have over 500GB of Lightroom backups in my C drive some LR2 some LR3 some LR4, some LR4.2 and some LR 4 2.2. Can I erase any of the older ones to free up space?

      4. Should I be backing up my catalogs also into my external Hd?

      5 My imports sometimes end up in C and I cannot find them. Why am I unable to direct new imports to my F drive where I keep my pictures? I cannot see a" destination" button in my import settings.

      Thanks for your help