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    adobe audio population vs room population


      I have a license through my company that costs $500.00 and I can have 99 telephone participants. If I don't use the Adobe phone and use my company's conference line that holds 300 participants, can I still have all 300 participants enter the "room" that will not have the audio feature?

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          I believe you are looking at the ability to have up to 100 people in a Connect room (99 + you) and up to 300 people on your phone bridge. Of the 300 on the phone bridge, up to 99 (plus you) can also be in a Connect meeting.


          Does that make sense?

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            trainer999 Level 1

            I want to be able to have more that 99 people inside the adobe room who will not be connected to the bridge line. Is that possible?



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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              OK, well the two are completely separate licensing and are not dependant on each other, so we'll just leave the phone stuff out of this for now.


              Options for being able to handle have more attendees in your room are as follows, and should be discussed with your Connect reseller for pricing options:


              Add a Seminar/Webinar room to your account. These rooms can be purchased with as few as 200 seats or as many as 1500 seats. Just pick the size that best fits your needs. There is some additional work flows that come with using these rooms and they will be licensed separate from your meeting rooms.


              Get some Burst Pack Minutes. These allow you to go up to 5X your licensing limit (you would be at 500 max attendees in your rooms) but each person over your licensing will consume one burst pack minute per minute. So if you had a 60 minute session with 215 people in it, you would consume 115 burst pack minutes per minute for 60 minutes for a total of 6,900 minutes. So, as you can see these can go fast, and probably shouldn't be relied upon for anything other than a buffer, should the licensing be exceeded.


              You can also look to convert your account to a Concurrent User licenses, which shifts the licensing from how many individuals can run rooms on your system to how many people can be in rooms at any given time, The limit for each room then becomes your concurrent licenses available, instead of the 100. So, if you have 300 concurrent users, you could have 3 rooms running with 100 people each, or one could have 175, another 45, and the last 80. The licenses work as first come first serve, so you can't reserve licenses for one or multiple rooms. This is also likely to be cost prohibitive, but maybe it is worth the additional cost to you.