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    Epson R1900 Print Problem - Image shift/Cropping

    Roger Sawhill Level 1

      When Printing 13x19 files in Photoshop, the image always prints centered in an 8.5 x 11 area at the lower right corner of the page as it comes out of the printer. The image is cropped into this letter sized area at its correct size and is not scaled. My best guess is that the printer is thinning the paper size is set to LETTER, not Super B. I have checked all the settings multiple times but see no place where the paper is not set correctly or that the printer is not set to Epson R1900 (i.e. it is not set to "Any Printer"). I have had this printer for several years (and have been using Macs & Epson printers professionally for 20 years), and it has worked properly in the past with this sized image. I have not needed to print this size image for a while so not sure what might have changed in the mean time.

      This ONLY happens in Photoshop (CC and CS5 tested). It will print correct from InDesign and Illustrator, but the color is shifting too much. I have always gotten my best color when printing directly from Photoshop and this particular project requires accurate color.

      Happens on 2 different computers (newer iMac and older MacBook Pro) and on different photoshop files. Drivers are currently up to date according to Apple's Software update.

      Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.



      Mac OSX 10.8.5 on iMac (less than 2 years old)

      Printing from Photoshop with the following settings:


      Printer: Epson Sylus Photo R1900


      Print Settings:

      Printer: Epson Sylus Photo R1900

      paper Size: Super B (13 x 19 in)


      Color Management:

      Color Handling: Photoshop Manages Color

      Printer Profile: SPR Ultra Premium Presentation matte

      Normal Printing



      Position & Size

      CENTERED=ON (-0.118 / -0.152)

      Scale 100%

      Height 19

      Width 13

      Scale to Media=OFF

      Print Resolution: 300ppi




      Document size is 13x9 at 300ppi