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    Blurb problems


      Hi, I have created a book, and i am trying to send it to Blurb. However when I try signing in, i just get the error message 'Could not contact the Blurb web service. Please check your internet connection.' My connection is fine, I am connected via ethernet, i have turned my firewall, and AVG off, and still get the same. Blurb aren't being much help, and can't seem to suggest anything else. Has anyone else had this problem?

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          I am having the same problem. Also when I export the book to PDF and trying to send it through the blurb website I am having trouble too. Frustrating! What can we do about this?

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            Krevin Level 1

            You are not alone. You will find that Adobe blame Blurb and Blurb blame Adobe. I have this problem after 2 successful book uploads. At Blurb's request I created a PDF but they said I could not use this to upload! KR

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              It takes ages to render the book and then it fails to connect... If it connects it takes ages to upload. I see it goes 140K out of 25M bandwidth (uplink).

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                Krevin Level 1

                One thing you can be sure of and that is that no one at Adobe ever reads the posts on this site. If they did they would have realised that they were letting down a large number of customers for Lr by promoting as their sole book publisher a company that cannot perform. If they realised that they might have done something about it, which they have not.

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                  Rafalkon Level 1

                  And I left my computer overnight to see that now the fail happened on "Waiting for blurb server processing".