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    Changing Intent (in Document Setup) from Print to Web...option greyed out?

    AlyMcF1 Level 1

      Hi! I've created a print book that is for sale, and now I'm doing the Kindle version. My plan is to use the Kindle Plugin for Adobe InDesign .973, but first I'm trying to get things formatted correctly.


      I was advised that I should make a second document intended for Web. I was hoping I could just go to Document Setup on my existing Indesign CS 5 document and change the intent, but Print is greyed out so I can't change it. Is there another way/place I can change it, or do I really have to make a new document? And if I have to make a new document, what's the best way to get all the material from my Print file to the new Kindle file? I assume copy and paste isn't the way to go.


      Thanks in advance.