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    Back & Forth button

      Im using Robohelp Office Pro X5 and find that when i am viewing a "generated" project i can see the back and forth button but once i "publish" to the server both buttons disappear or are not there.

      Does anyone know what setting to enable to have these on my published view?

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Mrs.Kirk

          If I'm understanding you correctly, you are talking about the little Previous and Next arrows that appear in your navigation mini toolbar. If this is what you mean, these are present when you define a Browse sequence. I'm more than a bit confused here though. I'm confused, because the fact they are there before you publish seems to imply that you have taken the prerequisite steps of defining and enabling the browse sequence in your project. My only guess here is your mention of the "Pro" version. Are you truly publishing to a RoboEngine? If so, the only hunch I would have is that maybe you aren't working on the main project (you may publish several to the engine and they are dynamically merged). If that's the case, perhaps you need to enable browse sequences for the main project and re-publish to the engine. You may also want to try defining a window and configuring it as the default. Maybe that would work too. Not sure. I recall back in the eHelp days when this stuff was introduced, you had to do that for the skin to show up.

          Cheers... Rick :)
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            Mrs.Kirk Level 1
            Hey Rick,

            How do i define a browse sequence? Do i define this in my windows properties? If so, my window doesn't have the option to check off the browse sequence or even the back & forward bottons. My window screen looks very different than the one in my training manual. Perhaps this is because i created it in webhelp pro and not HTML Help.

            I am publishing up to an engine and using the pro version.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Browse Sequences are defined from the Tools menu but the very fact that you are asking how to define them means there aren't any, unless they were set up by someone before you?

              The browse sequence buttons are only enabled when you are viewing a topic that is part of a browse sequence so please check to see if any have been defined. If not, I can't see how the browse sequence buttons are enabled when you generate.

              You are not referring to the browser (IE or Firefox) buttons for that purpose are you?

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                Mrs.Kirk Level 1
                We are not using the browse seqence function. What we are looking for is simply a back & forth arrow that works similar to the IE buttons. So when we are in a topic and want to go back we just hit the back button.

                Is there not a way to enable these without having a browse sequence?

                Thanks for your help Rick

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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  I'm not Rick, I stepped in as I know he is at a conference all week so will have limited time.

                  I can't understand how you have browse sequence buttons enabled when you generate if you have not defined a browse sequence. In your first post in this thread you said these buttons were enabled. Perhaps you could send me a screen shot via my web site?

                  A browse sequence works by you defining the order in which topics are viewed. Let' s say One, Two, Three. If the user is in topic Four, the browse sequence buttons will be disabled. If they are in Three the previous button will be enabled and they can go to Two. Then both buttons will be enabled and the user can choose whichever.

                  IE and Firefox work in a different way. The Back button takes you to the last topic you viewed, after that you can use Back and Forward to cycle through what that user has viewed. Those buttons are part of the standard browser window and it would not matter whether you are viewing a local copy of the help or the server version.

                  Does that clarify things?

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                    Mrs.Kirk Level 1
                    if we don't want to use the browse sequence and just simply want a back button so our agents can easily go back to the last topic they were veiwing...is there anyway to add this button?
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                      Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                      I believe that you can add buttons to the help that will do that and I will happily find out how. My first question though is why do that when IE and Firefox both have buttons already that do that?

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                        Mrs.Kirk Level 1
                        Ah good question...we are in a call centre enviroment that disables the back button for all other applications we use. Our agents do not have internet access only links to specific sites. That is why we need a back button just for this application.

                        Hope this helps clear things up.

                        Thanks so much for looking into this for me :)
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                          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                          Hi all

                          I've documented how to hijack the Browse Sequence buttons and make them behave like the browser buttons. It's in the Skinny on Skins file.

                          Cheers... Rick
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                            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                            The question "We have to disable our browser Back and Forward buttons so we need the same functionality built into our help. Is that possible?" and Rick's last reply would have covered this thread.


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                              Mrs.Kirk Level 1
                              Great, i'll have a look. What is the topic with the Skinny on Skins called?
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                                Mrs.Kirk Level 1
                                Is the topic called "Moving the Browse Buttons to the Main Toolbar" within the Main Toolbar/buttons book?

                                I just want to ensure i am using the correct process.

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                                  Just adding this for future reference, since I've had to look this up several times...

                                  To find the topic referred to above, go to: http://www.robowizard.com/RoboWizard/NewProject.htm
                                  Open Grimoires > Skinny on Skins
                                  Download webhelp.chm
                                  Go to: Navigation Pane Toolbar > "Change the function of the Browse Buttons..."