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    Captivate Videos and Linked Word Documents


      RoboHelp HTML 11


      My project has a linked Word document and several Captivate videos. I want the topics to have links or popups to run the videos.


      If I insert the popups into the topics while in RoboHelp, they would be lost whenever I update the link to the Word document. I know I can set the topics to "ignore" updates, and maybe I'll do that as each one is finalized.


      Meanwhile, I wonder if there is a way to insert the popup links (or buttons) into the Word document itself, so they will persist?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          One thought that occurs would be to create the popup in RoboHelp, then note the link. Edit the Word document and paste the link in the source document. Then update so the content flows into RoboHelp from Word. See if the link persists. The hope is that it will.


          If not, you could simply paste the link as text in the Word document so that once it flows into RoboHelp, it will be a simple matter to copy the text, then create the link again after the update.


          Cheers... Rick

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            shawnvw Level 1

            Thanks, Rick.


            Popups in RoboHelp HTML seem to involve some kind of JavaScript code, and I don't think that will work. However, I had better luck with ordinary hyperlinks.


            In RH, I imported the video (as a topic), then in Word I inserted a hyperlink to the topic file inside the RH project folder. So far that seems to be working.


            If you know a way to streamline this even more, let me know. Otherwise, thanks again!



            - Shawn