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    Update failed for CS5.

    JaKfoto Level 1

      PS CS5, Windows 7.

      I had to change my hard drive on my laptop. I deactivate PSCS5 before doing it.

      I install PS CS5 on my new hard drive, copy from a backup the C:\Users\"myname"\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5 directory and then entered the product key.

      I checked for updates and and when I clicked to download/install them, I got an error message


      I clicked on the link to get redirected to a web page telling me there is a problem with my product number.

      I double checked it with the information in my Adobe account, this is the right one.

      I then tried to deactivate (suspend) CS5, exit and relaunched it, but it still look activated !!!??!

      I also tried to deactivate permanently and reentered the product number, but didn't need to activate, I already was.