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    Best conversion to see a film on computer




      I try Premiere Pro for the first time.

      I made a film with Premiere Pro (56min) and I would like to convert it in the "best" format to read it on computer.

      I tried a conversion but the result is not so great. The movements are "jerky" which is not so visible on the dvd conversion that i made. the size of the final Movie was almost 15 GB.


      The movie has the following caracteristics :

      1920x1080 (1,0)



      44100 Hz stereo


      I tried the following conversion:


      1920x1080 (1,0)

      25 i/s (i'm in Europe)


      VBR 1

      Target Bit Rat = 32

      Max Bit Rate 40

      upper first

      profile: principal

      level 4.1

      use maximum render quality

      use previews


      What am i doing wrong ?

      Thanks a lot for your help.