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    Sony F55 Premiere Workflow


      Howdy all,


      So I'm having a bit of an issue trying to get a rhythm going for Sony F55 workflows in CC started. Firstly, I know that I can import the native files from the f55 camera and work with them directly. What I'd like to know is how I could set up a proxy for 4k footage, perhaps as a 1080p/ Pro res LT sequence, in order to add all the necessary effects and color correction without slowing my rig down. There are no plug-ins for the sony f55 for CC so should I just create a 1080p sequence and then relink to a 4k sequence? If so, when doing so should I set the clips to the frame size or should I scale to frame size? Or should I just do that in Encoder?


      Also, I am working with footage shot at 50fps. The final sequence is set to 25FPS and so far there are only a few clips that I interpreted to 25 FPS in order to achieve the slow-mo effect. The others are supposed to be set in regular real time motion, as if they were shot in 25FPS,  but due to the fact they are shot in 50FPS, they all just play too fast. Again, If I interpret them to 25fps I can slow mo but I don't want that.


      Can anyone help? I need to get this out by this weel and I am kind of at a stand still. Also, if anyone can link me a video for exporting this type 4k I'd appreciate it!!!