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    Blank Captivate HTML Video in RH11


      RoboHelp HTML 11, Captivate 7, Internet Explorer 11, Adobe Flash Player 15.0.0


      We have a number of videos, each published as a separate Captivate project in HTML5 format. We then imported them (specifically their "index.html" files) into RoboHelp.


      When I output the files as Responsive HTML, the videos appear correctly except there is no Play/Stop/Info bar below it.

      When we View the topics, or if we output them as WebHelp, the videos simply don't appear.  The Play/Stop/Info bar does appear below where the video should be. In fact, the progress bar shows that the video is running.  However, clicking the Info button shows that we're using Captivate 4, when we're actually using version 7.


      Can either of these issues be fixed? Thanks.



      -- Shawn