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    Does Pr12 or PS12 do "automatic updates"?

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      I have a new computer running Win7Pro and I installed both Premiere Elements 12 (Pr12) and Photoshop Elements 12 (PS12) within the past month.  I purchased a disc with these programs, and I had to activate and register them.


      I live in the boonies and have to use mobile broadband to access the internet.  I pay for a certain amount of usage every month....not the unlimited internet that many of you have.


      I had a HUGE usage spike (~1.5 GB) last Monday (Dec 1) that I cannot attribute to anything.  My Windows auto. updates are and have been disabled.  So, I'm wondering if Pr12 or PS12 or WORD 2013 or EXCEL 2013 can cause such a usage without my knowing.  I have Googled about this with little success, and I have tried to tell these various programs NOT to do automatic updates from the limited info I did find.....I don't know if I've been successful, b/c I don't know 'who' caused this spike.  As an example of 'normal' usage, I did download a Pr12 menu ("Outdoor Adventures") which was only a few 100 MB.....not the 1.5 GB from a week ago.  What have you heard?  Thank you.

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          There are no automatic updates for Premiere Elements that come to mind. You can set up to be notified when an update is available. But, then you select which updates you want to download and install.

          See Help Menu/Update and its Preferences where you should see place to select or deselect for the following

          • Notify me of new updates on the menu bar
          • Allow Adobe to verify update success or failure by sending the failure status

          In most cases, the updates are just for Camera Raw.


          There is automatic activation that goes on behind the scenes when you use certain features for the first time. But, that should be a one time situation for each.


          Did you look at your computer hosts file to determine if there is anything unusual going on there?

          See the following blog and its section on the hosts file.

          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE12: Premiere Elements 12 Editor Will Not Open


          Somewhere along the line did you sign onto Adobe Program Improvement Program? See Help Menu/Adobe Program Improvement Program.


          Please review and consider.


          Thank you.



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            Thank you.  I had read on the net the information you sent, and I have not

            resolved what caused the spike in the usage.  It just is what it is,I

            guess....the price of living out in the country in solitude and mobile

            broadband.  I'm currently keeping a spreadsheet to link usage to

            activities, and I've turned off whatever auto updates I can think of (WORD

            and EXCEL among them).



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              Thanks for the update.


              When your schedule permits, we would be interested in learning of your observations that you will be logging into your spreadsheet. Hopefully

              you will pick up the connection between that usage and activities.


              Do you have any traffic that goes by your area periodically? Utility people servicing lines?


              Best wishes.



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                We live out in the boonies, down a dirt road.  NO ONE comes out here just

                randomly, which is why I am so perplexed about this spike issue.  The

                Verizon people say that the device has a limited range...maybe 40 feet, but

                I have not yet tested that.  I addition, I turn off the mobile broadband

                "jet pack" when I finish with the internet.  It's a mystery for sure.




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