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    Lost LR5 Develop presets


      When I downloaded LR5, I deleted some of the LR5 develop presets.  How can I retrieve them or do I have to re-download LR5 again, and if I do that, do I lose any work I have done in LR5?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          LR 5 presets from Adobe are built-in so cannot be removed.  User-created (like ones you made or downloaded or purchased from a third party) can be deleted.  Which type of preset are you referring to?


          One special circumstance with LR is that you can store the presets with the catalog or not, and depending on what that preference is set to, your presets may just be in the other location if it was set differently when you created your presets.


          Give an example of what presets you feel you’ve deleted and want back?

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            ~IanB~ Level 1

            love to know how you deleted the presets as I never use them, although i feel ssprengel is right on the money.

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              farlaner Level 1

              Thanks for replying.  I am referring to the LR presets that came with LR.  I kept the LR colour presets but foolishly deleted, or thought I deleted the others.  these are not purchased or home-made ones.  I just can't find them anywhere!  I have tried going to finder/LR/ and trying to reset the presets, but when I get to the presets folder, it is blank!  Don't know what to do.  I have also, when I try to reset things, turn of LR and thorn it back on, but so far-0!  These are the Adobe presets.