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    Photoshop CC will not import any video files when I try Video Frame to Layers and New Video Layer from File

    Dimmest Level 1

      Specifically I'm trying to import a .MOV I made in Quicktime. The file opens up everywhere else so it's not an issue with the file being corrupted. The error message I get from CC is


      "Could not complete command _____________ because the video file could not be opened."


      As far as I know I didn't save the .MOV with any permissions, but then again I have very limitted understanding of Quicktime. Originally the file was a .GIF that I converted to an .MOV because I wanted to edit the GIF using the video timeline instead of the animation timeline.


      Thanks for the help.


      Also, as an aside since I know a lot of Adobe employees are on here, the animation timeline is pretty crummy, there should be a way that you can open a .GIF into the video timeline as a video layer.