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    tethering nightmare!


      I just finished a commercial product shoot.  Got back to the office to review my photos and am not happy.  I shot with my 5dmk2 tethered to my macbook pro running lightroom 5.  During the shoot my 5dmk2 stopped showing me the previews on the back screen but the photos were still showing up on lightroom and I was able to zoom in and see all the nice detail.  I noticed that the photos were not being written to the camera card anymore at that point.  Then a few hours later the previews were coming again on the back of the camera and they were being written to the card.  Now looking through lightroom I see all my previews with no problem.  But there are a chunk of photos that have no raw files attached to the previews.  The files are just gone.  It started a while after the camera quit showing the previews on the back but not exactly at that time.  Then when the camera started with previews again Lightroom did not restart saving the raw file. 


      I have no idea why Lightroom has no record of the raw files.  I was looking at full rez files with the client during the shoot but now it is as if they never existed!


      Anyone else have this happen.  Is there anything I can do to find my files?  All I have are very small previews.