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    Print Setup says use Adobe Color Printer with No Color Management even though I have my .icc printer profile selected


      I have a ColorMunki Photo and a Canon Pixma Pro 100 that I have been using on my Mac with Photoshop CC.  No issues.  I must have changed something because now when I go to print, a popup says "Please use Adobe Color Printer Utility if you need to print with No Color Management".  It is telling me that my I am trying to print without color management and this method of printing isn't supported.  So, I reprofiled my monitor and printer and have brand new .icc profiles and it is still doing the same thing.  Can someone tell me the exact things that need to be changed in Photoshop in order to use my .icc profile for color managed printing?  I have no idea what I have changed.  If I change to a different profile that message doesn't pop up.  My document profile says that it is the same as the printer profile I am trying to print from.  Does the document profile need to be set to my monitor .icc profile or the printer .icc profile that I want to print from?  Any help would be appreciated!  It is driving me crazy!