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    PP-CC 2014 dysfunctional when AME open...

    Bananzaman Level 1



      I'm on a 2011 iMac with 12 GIG of RAM.  I've been subscribed to CC app package for over  a year, and have used CS6, CC, and CC-2014 versions of Premiere Pro and Media Encoder.


      Media Encoder seems to gobble up a huge amount of CPU & RAM.   I understand that when renders are in queue in the Encoder, I pretty much have to abandon Premiere and wait 'til it's done.


      The problem is, after AME has finished encoding, and even long after AME is quit, Premiere "freezes" responds very slowly or not at to mouse-clicks, when I try to "save" the current project, the "save progress bar" basically stays at zero ... and on and on.  I often have to quit PP either from within the program, or from the Mac "task manager".


      This does not seem reasonable, for a program that's been around this long and evolved this far.    And I don't believe it's an issue of me being short on processor power or RAM.


      Do any other Mac users have this conflict?


      thanks for any input on this ....