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    Size of image in LR 5.6

    margolisr Level 1

      Printing on LR 5.6 to Epson 3880, ver. 9.4. On a Mac 10.9.5. Am printing on 13 x 19 paper for which I have loaded the ICC profile.

      Since the 13x19 paper choices seem to be for borderless printing, I made my own template. I have set up margins on all 4 sides.

      Left and right 1 inch. top and bottom .53 and 1.0 respectively.  Under Rotate to Fit the image is landscape style.  I do have a preset for my paper which when that preset was ente

      red, I was using a diff sized paper. But I don't think that is relevant here. I have not had this problem in the past with small

      er papers.  I also have tried to print with the paper size at Super A3/B 13 x 19 which I chose in Printer Features in Print Dialogue box.  I did save that setting.


      Also Super B/A3 paper. How does that differ from the 13 x 19 borderless choice under Paper Sizes?

      I finally decided to take a few prints to a Print Sharing event and now can't seem to print them out.   Help!!

      My problem is that a portion of the picture prints in a corner and the image is blown up so not all of it is there.